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The world ends in Melancholia. We know this from the start when a huge planet collides with Earth.  Earth comes off worst. But for some of its inhabitants this end may come more as a blessed relief. It’s a beautiful … Continue reading

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Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps and The Social Network

So, last Sunday, in town, I see there is a preview of The Social Network. It’s at 5.45. But now is only 2-ish. Nothing else for it; I have to see a film before. I think Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps … Continue reading

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Who’s the Baddy?

So who wins? Harvey Keitel’s unnamed Bad Lieutenant or Nicolas Cage’s Bad Lieutenant, Terence McDonagh? Who’s the baddest? It’s not even a close call. The Bad Lieutenant- Port of Call; New Orleans (the full US title… catchy eh?) claims to … Continue reading

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The erotic thriller. Have I scared you? Is it one of those genres, like the zombie comedy, where maybe, at best, there are two good films, and from that point on filmmakers should just stop? My two favourite erotic thrillers … Continue reading

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My Name is Khan

After seeing Sharukh Khan on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and discovering that he is the biggest star in the World; bigger than Cruise, bigger than Eastwood, bigger than Bullock; and I’d never heard of him, I decided I had … Continue reading

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A couple of apocalypses now

If you go to the movies/pictures (take your pick… I’m old fashioned and tend to go to the pictures, though movies seems to sum them up better). Let’s go to the cinema. If you go to the cinema often you’ll … Continue reading

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Up in the Air

A quickie review here. I don’t know what to make of this film. I’m the one up in the air. The trailer could get you very excited. It’s a good trailer. But, after seeing the trailer for Clooney’s goat film, … Continue reading

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The Boring Stuff

Sometimes it’s the boring stuff I remember most. So says Russell, a Wilderness Explorer (heck, I don’t know; think of him as a boy scout) as he talks to the other main character of Up, the recently widowed pensioner Carl … Continue reading

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Hither Green Cinema

I went to Hither Green Cinema the other day. Now, for those of you who don’t know Hither Green (and unless you live here you’re unlikely to) you may be thinking what’s the big deal; we all go to the … Continue reading

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Must try easier

Ok, the other day I said was going to see Up on Sunday. Well, I didn’t. I’m nothing if not inconsequential. But I did get a double bill in, and possibly the most distressing double bill since I went to … Continue reading

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