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So, Robert Rodriguez has grabbed the Predator franchise by its oozy dayglo green goolies and gone for a reboot; that computer thing where, when you’ve tried all the sensible options, you switch the useless box off, kick it, switch it … Continue reading

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A couple of apocalypses now

If you go to the movies/pictures (take your pick… I’m old fashioned and tend to go to the pictures, though movies seems to sum them up better). Let’s go to the cinema. If you go to the cinema often you’ll … Continue reading

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District 9

I thought I knew what I was going to get with District 9. I expected a sombre sci-fi movie; an allegory for South Africa’s hideous apartheid past. I didn’t expect The Office meets The Fly. I didn’t expect it to … Continue reading

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The Time Traveler’s Wife

“You have to swallow it whole, or not at all” said The London Paper (leaving me to no longer wonder why it’s going out of business). They were talking about The Time traveler’s Wife, the film that’s getting some people … Continue reading

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